Ahh I’m freaking out!

I had an accomplishment in boy world today :)

I was texting the guy I like and out of the blue he asked if I was going to this halloween party tonight, and I told him how I wasn’t invited. Suddenly he texted back saying “Oh. I guess I won’t go either.” I knew that he likes a girl who is going so I was confused and asked him why. He replied with “There would be no point. I was only going to see you. Without you there it will be boring” 

I seriously haven’t stopped smiling…

  1. veronicas-malikshakes said: congrats!!! That is sooo cuteeee!
  2. cookiesandcorinne said: awww congratulations!!! :D Im still Forever Alone :(
  3. ynazkilam said: Aww thats so cute!! Yayy for you!!! x (:
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